Butterfly Dignics 80 Table Tennis Rubber


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DIGNICS guides your play to a more advanced level. The essence is the combination of Spring Sponge X, the advanced version of Spring Sponge which has more elasticity, with the uniquely composed top sheet, now with strengthened abrasion. This creates great resistance on the surface, providing the feeling of holding the ball at impact. Adopting pimples code No. 80recognized for its balanced attacking performance, DIGNICS 80is recommended for the player who seeks to generate a high-level attacking play of all kinds, especially when hitting powerful loop drives. With a higher and longer trajectory than Tenergy 80, Dignics 80 lands deeper in the opponent’s court and kicks harder, resulting in your opponent having to play passively. DIGNICS 80 also excels when delicate touch is applied or playing with spin close to the table is needed; such as when returning service with Banana Flip or in counter topspin rallies. Furthermore, quick-attacking-play as well as receiving service is more effective and counter-attacking- play close to the table is more accurate. Dignics 80, Overpowering Evolution.


  • The newest Butterfly sponge and rubber technology, resulting in superior performance and feel
  • 3.4 cm higher arc and 4.0% more speed and spin than Butterfly Tenergy 80 rubber sheets
  • Increased dwell time compared to Tenergy 80 due to Spring Sponge X and improved rubber composition
  • Pairs best with the Zhang Jike ZLC, Innerforce Layer ALC, Apolonia ZLC, SK7 Classic, and other Butterfly blades
  • Butterfly Free Chack II table tennis glue recommended when assembling Dignics table tennis rubbers
Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 2 cm
Colour (Rubber)

Black, Red